Fellowship of the Society (FSoM)

Fellowship of the Society (FSoM) Education, Training, Free Mediation

Fellowship of the Society of Mediators (FSoM)

This honour will be conferred on mediators who satistfy the Society that they have met the standards and criteria required of such a status.  That will involve -

*  Passing the full training course

*  Observing three qualifying mediations

*  Beginning and keeping a reflective diary

*  Undertaking five pro-bono mediations

*  Undertaking at least five other mediations

*  Attending an Advanced Course over two days after having conducted at least two mediations

*  Attending at least two CPD days in two separate years

*  Writing a 2,000 word paper on a mediation topic

*  Being interviewed on the same and satisfying a panel of sufficient merit

*  Conducting a demonstration mediation after the interview with sufficient compentence in front of peers

*  Being insured

*  Being in membership of the Society

*  Paying a simple one time fee of £200+VAT to the Society to attend the interview and demonstration day

In other words, this is a mark of competence, experience, knowledge, and commitment.  Ten days will have been spent in training and being interveiwed, together with study, writing and thought.  Ten (or more) mediations will have been conducted and two years of practice will have been undertaken.  The honour will allow those wishing to use a skilled and assessed mediator to be confident that the person holding the post-nominals is of sufficient competence to take on most challenges. 

To learn more about this, email Fellowship@societyofmediators.org

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