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Another successful mediation course 22th-26th of May 12th June 2017

The Society of Mediators are proud to announce that it recently accredited and certified a new group of superb and unique individuals who we, due to our week long training, are certain will be a welcome addition to the family of mediators.


Moreover, we are sure that all of you who joined us in May will do an excellent job in furthering SOM's mission to make mediation the obvious first hand alternative to litigation.


SOM would like to thank all of you who joined us this fantastic week and we look forward to seeing you again!


See below for some of the pictures taken of the role plays and award ceremonies.



Some of the feedback:


How would you describe the standard and knowledge of the leaders and tutors?

"Superb professionalism" - Dr Thomas Bundschuch


What areas of the course were the most useful?

"All of it... Honest!" - Martin Medforth


How would you describe the standard and content of the course?

"Good foundation to build on" - Emma McIver


How has the course assisted you in planning your next approach to a mediation?

"Enormously. It now feels very much within reach :)" - Michael Spencer


Would you recommend the course to other mediators?

"Absolutely Yes" - David Pilcher


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