539A Advanced Mediation Training 2 August 2021

Advanced Mediation Training
2 Aug 2021 - 2 Aug 2020 Zoom
1 Day (14 Hours) £210.00 + VAT Course code: 539A Adv 2 August

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Delivered worldwide by Zoom starting at 1100 GMT (1000 BST). 

As part of the 2021 programme of Continuous Professional Development and 'Pathway to Professionalism' programme, The Society of Mediators is pleased to offer a One Day Course in “Developing Higher Level Mediation Skills and Competencies.”  

Speakers and subjects Include:

Jonathan Dingle FRSA - Taking mediation to a higher level.

Dom Collis - SEND Mediation : an introduction for practitioners 

Ruby Sandhu - Ethical challenges in mediation

John Sephton - Perceptual Positions: Stepping into other people’s shoes.

Dr Mike Bott - Mediation: The Psychiatrist’s View

Dr Gwenllian Williams PhD - Mediation – The Psychologist’s View

Andrea Barnes - recognising vulnerable people

Claire Kean - Building a mediation business


The day also involves a unique peer review and discussion workshop which will enable participants to share and learn from the experiences of their fellow mediators.  his exciting and dynamic course in our new training rooms at 218 Strand is ideal for mediators who are either well established in their practice or who have completed a number of independent mediations and now feel ready to learn new skills and competencies, whilst reflecting on their practice so far. The programme is intensive, yet gives time to think, reflect and engage with colleagues across the profession.

Learning outcomes include:

*  Achieving a full refreshment of mediation protocols

*  Understanding the new Code of Practce in action

*  Learning how to build a mediation business

*  Gaining a fuller understanding of advanced techniques used internationally

*  Updating on the contempory mediation environment

*  Gaining deeper perspectives on the psychology of conflict resolution

*  Gaining deeper perspectives on the psychiatry of conflict resolution 

*  Learning how to apply advanced techniques in the mediation

*  Enabling communication skills in seemingly intractable situations

*  Consolidating previous learning 

*  Achieving a higher level of fluency in mediation 

*  Gaining a higher level of ethical awareness

*  Applying mediation techniques in everyday business and life  

Delegates are encouraged to bring an issue they have actually encountered in a mediation that they would be prepared to share, in a confidential environment, with fellow delegates. The purpose being, to learn through others, in a shared way, in sessions led by highly experienced mediators.

Advanced Mediation (8 Hours Mediation CPD + Certification)

For accredited mediators who have gained practical mediation experience and wish to further develop their skills. The course includes an opportunity for peer discussion and review as well as input from psychologists, body language experts and a psychiatrist. This course fulfills and exceeds the annual 6hr CPD requirement.

I attended the advanced mediation course in London. The excellent course, which was run by Jonathan Dingle and a number of his colleagues, comprised a very good balance between seminars and practical workshops. Very interesting content as well as useful on a practical level.
Geoffrey Brunton
CMC Registered Mediator (Elite Category Mediator with Clerksroom)