Society of Mediators Membership

Society of Mediators Membership

£25.00 + VAT

Membership of the Society of Mediators is open to all Mediators as well as Student or Prospective Mediators.

Membership Costs just £25 + VAT pa and provides a number of benefits:

1) Use of post-nominal MSoM for those that have completed their accredited mediation training.
2) Priority notification of CPD Courses and other SoM Training.
3) Discounted Course Fees for CPD and other advanced training (10% off the headline price)
4) Invitation to the AGM.
5) Support & guidance from experienced Mediators.
6) Membership of the Free Mediation Project - providing free mediation and observation opportunities.
7) Access to 'Pathway to Professionalism' programme leading to Fellowship (FSoM) of the Society.

SOM Membership Form

Membership requires the completion of the SoM Membership Form before membership will be confirmed. Please contact Tom Svedberg for the form or press the above link -