Zoom 101 Day 14 May 21

Zoom 101 Course
14 May 2021 Zoom
1 Day (6 Hours) £120.00 + VAT Course code: Zoom 101

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The popular One Day Zoom 101 Mediation Extension Course

Please note the 0800 UK start time 

This one-day online extension course is offered worldwide at the request of numerous individuals, bodies, and practitioners - as well as the Association of Arbitrators (Southern Africa) NPC by the Society of Mediators and is intended for:

* mediators who have previously trained with the Association or the Society 
* mediators who have trained elsewhere and hold a recognised certificate
* mediators who have not trained but can demonstrate suitable experience

It is also an

"...excellent solid learning experience for those interested in learnign Zoom for training and business reasons"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dr Stirling Pugh FRCP 14 March 2021

The course is conducted online, from London, but on GMT+2 times and will build on the experience of this cohort of recognised mediators and introduce them to the additional skills and pitfalls of online (remote) mediation. It covers:

Learning outcomes include:

* gaining an effective ability to use of the technology and software
* understanding the different agreements, Codes of Conduct, and protocols
* gaining competency in the pre-meetings, tech-checks, and emergency procedures
* learning the essential confidentiality and identity checks
* undertanding how to ensure protection of privacy, participants, data, and materials
* understanding how to prevent or deter the recording of mediations
* gaining the ability safely to foster the transmission of offers
* understanding how to ensure effective completion of settlements
* becoming fluent in the dealing with adjournments and loss of connectivity
* understanding how to recognise and address abuse and misconduct
* learning the techniques for terminating a mediation
* learning the techniques for management and control of the mediation
* applying knowledge to promote inclusion, diversity, and to protect vulnerabilities

The delegate will become a competent user and host on Zoom.  They will be shown how to maintain fluency and practice.  This is a much more detailed learning experience than that on our CPD day, devided into three sessions, with all of the wisdom we can offer from basic controls to key tips, and from confidentiality to creating safe offer spaces.  A step by step guide which is not available elsewhere.

It offers six hours CPD.