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Latest Course Feedback 30th June 2019

Wonderful feedback in an article by leading barrister Nick Cox published by the Bar Council,LM4X,2QAY9N,2J16B,1

"Sit properly and pay attention. Pens down, notebooks away. Listen to me carefully - and don't assume that because I am talking to you like this that I am rude and impolite.

If you have already completed the Bar Council's Foundation Mediation Course you will not have made any such assumption, and you will immediately recognise these as excellent tips for any newly-accredited mediator.

The Bar Council's competitively-priced Foundation Mediation Course is provided to 12-16 participants over five days by inspirational tutors - all highly experienced mediators themselves - from the Society of Mediators. The course consists of a well-paced and balanced mixture of 40 hours of lectures, homework and exercises, observation of and participation in mediation scenarios role plays packed with learning points leading to a final assessed mediation and a short-written examination. Make no mistake, it is a demanding course, but it is also fun.

The essentials for conducting a mediation safely are fully covered, but it is the skills training which stands out. The teaching and guidance provided for this is excellent - even including analysis and instruction on body language from an actor - and you have ample opportunity to reflect on feedback, to practice and improve during the course. But the learning curve, especially for barristers, is very steep. Be prepared to find yourself tongue-tied, outside of your comfort zone, bereft of notes and pens and worrying about where to sit. By the middle of the course participants begin to 'get it' and to trust the process. When that happens, it can be a revelation: some participants on my course spoke of real insights into their legal practice, some predicted changes in their working habits, others even more profound effects on their work and life.

Mediation is increasingly seen as an important tool in dispute resolution. Complete the course, plus the additional requirement to observe three live mediations - the course offers practical help and tips with this too - and you are entitled to call yourself an accredited mediator (recognised by the Civil Mediation Council and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators). Even if you have no wish to practice as a mediator the course will certainly improve your competence and effectiveness as an advocate in mediations, and it just may change your life."

Nick Cox 

4 Stone Buildings, Lincolns Inn     June 2019



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    30 Jun 2019

    Wonderful feedback in an article by leading barrister Nick Cox published by the Bar Council,LM4X,2QAY9N,2J16B,1 "Sit...

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  • April Mediation Course Feedback
    23 Apr 2019

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  • Feedback - the March course was "Excellent"
    29 Mar 2019

    We are delighted to present the first three feedback forms from mediators attending our March Workplace and Employment mediaiton course.  The next one is 12 and 13 June and can be booked here  - we are happy to share all feedback from...

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  • Workplace Mediation Training
    17 Mar 2019

    We are delighted to be welcomign a real range of skills onto the workplace mediation course in 218 Strand on 26 and 27 March - from the acting of BBCTV's Andie Gordon to the leadership and HR experience of the former Hydrographer of the Royal Navy,...

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  • Medical Mediation Foundation Training praised
    17 Mar 2019

    Leading Pain Management Consultant Dr Kenwyn James FRCA has praised the medical mediation foundation training provided by the Society: "Dear Yazmyn Could you please pass on my thanks to everyone involved in the mediation course that ran 11th-15th...

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  • King's College Pro Bono Training
    22 Feb 2019

    The Society was delighted to have been back in King's College London next week training such interested students in mediation skills at the new Bush House venue.  This exciting venture is the seventh iteration of the pro bono work we do in King's...

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  • Barristers' Training
    14 Feb 2019

    The Society is delighted to have been asked to provide civil, commercial, workplace, advocacy and CPD training to members of the Bar in 2019/2020.  The first course is in April 2019 and the programme will build with time to provide comprehensive...

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  • Feedback -and a new CPD Course in Manchester
    12 Feb 2019

    A wonderful course in manchester offered exceptional feedback typified by the email below. There is now extra CPD in Manchester on 19th March - book now! "Hi...

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  • Feedback - January at Bristol
    22 Jan 2019

    We are delighted to present just some of the amazing Feedback from the 12 person Bristol Course in January 2019 held at St Johns Chambers  -  Please contact Yazmyn on 0207 353 3936 for more details: "Excellent.  The leaders...

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  • Feedback - January 2019
    15 Jan 2019

    We are delighted to have received this from Professor Hugh Whitfield -  "In December 2018 I attended a five day mediation course run by the Society of Mediators. We were a group of 15, small enough to be able to get to know each other...

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  • Feedback ... December 2018
    22 Dec 2018

    We are delighted to offer just a tiny selection of the wonderful feedback from this month (if you would like to know more, or speak to the attendees, then do let us know!): Senior Barrister - CPD Day 20 December:  I am really not very good...

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  • Room, Hot Desk and Address Hire at 218 Strand
    15 Dec 2018

    The Society is delighted to make available freshly curated space to suitable applicants who wish to have available: * a private office space (with 24/7 access) * a permanent desk in a shared room (with secure storage and conference facilities) *...

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  • All CPD Days in 2018 sell out: next date 22 February
    15 Dec 2018

    The Society has been delighted by the take-up on our CPD Days, with more than 180 mediators provided with outstanding CPD in 2018.  Dates are now being added here[17]=mediation-cpd The next...

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  • Tremendous CPD Day in London
    13 Oct 2018

    The Society of Mediators held another exciting and succesful CPD in London this week with some 20 mediators participating from around the world - the furthest travelled was Elizabeth from Australia but others descended from Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle...

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  • Kings College Course awaits
    13 Oct 2018

    The Society's outreach into the Universities continues this month with a sold-ouut course for 30 trainee mediators in King's College London.  We are delighted to be working with the students on the project for the fifth year now and to once...

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  • Society launches a pilot mediation panel
    13 Oct 2018

    The Society is delighted to announce that it has launched a panel of expert mediators as part of a pilot to increase its outreach and development. The fourteen initial members will be available nationally on a fixed fee scheme that does not have any...

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  • First Free Mediation
    10 Nov 2017

      First Free Mediation a Success! The Free Mediation Project is a new and exciting initiative led by the Society of Mediators which allows for trained mediators to promote mediation and gain invaluable experience. This is done by...

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