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Mediation is a force for good in this country and the world at large. Practitioners and users recognise its near universal benefits across wide areas of human and corporate disputes, difficulties, and conflict. It is seen as an important adjunct to civil and in some cases criminal justice. In family law and community relations mediation is a major tool for beneficial change and reconciliation or resolution.

However, the availability of mediation, and knowledge and understanding about it, remains well below its proper place in the public awareness – or indeed in the minds of professionals and government. Some still fear the use of mediation shows weakness or a lack of determination to press on regardless. It is a tree-hugging option when chain saws are needed to cut down the opposition in the mindset of litigators.

The Society of Mediators has been formed to change this and to promote mediation as part of conflict resolution for the public benefit. It is also about education and providing access to mediation which is free at the point of use to those who would not otherwise be able to use it. And it is about offering information, training, and awareness to all and at all levels of the community, future legal professionals and to the public at large.

To this end the Society of Mediators is delighted to announce that it will be extending it's Mediation Training Programme for 2017:  

The Course Leaders who have over 14 years experience of providing mediation training around the world along with the faculty who are all experienced practicing mediators and trainers, will be providing full Accredited Mediation Training (in modular and standard formats), Advanced Mediation Training, Evaluative Mediation Training as well as Professional Development Courses including specialisms such as Workplace & Employment, Costs and Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury. These courses will be provided on a 'Not for Profit' basis and fees are therefore highly competitve.  

The Society is also supporting an ADR Seminar in January and will be continuing to promote both the Free Mediation Project and it's work in developing Pro Bono Mediation Projects with Law Schools.

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