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‘The Society of Mediators course will both change your life and the way you look at resolving any dispute in the future. I was already a convert to mediation, having been continually frustrated by the court process, in my practice as a solicitor. 

However, the course gave me a completely fresh outlook in the way to deal with mediation, and is designed to fast-track you to have the skills, you may have thought you had, but didn’t realise you need. The week is intense, but in a good way, and planned so that you often don’t really realise you are continually learning. 

There is a rich blend of tutors and facilitators, who have a very wide range of backgrounds. It may sound over the top, but by day one I was completely re-thinking the way I approached problems, and indeed the way I communicated with people. Whether you are a lawyer or not, this course has something to offer anyone who wants to resolve issues in any walk of life. 

In fact, I found my legal background, something of a disadvantage, as I had to be ‘untrained’ in lots of ways I approach disputes. Most importantly of all, I learnt to listen and not talk! 

To say it is ‘value for money’ is an understatement. I urge you to sign up. You will not regret it.’ 

Ben Tisdall, Solicitor.

"I cannot recall ever attending a training course, particularly one that lasts from 10am to gone 6pm for 5 consecutive days, where I have felt constantly engaged and enthused. All of the tutors have been superb and their passion and commitment to mediation is clear."

Jude Shepherd, Barrister 


This course was engaging, excellently delivered and thoroughly enjoyable! I would recommend this to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. The skills that you will learn on the course will be beneficial in various aspects of life, irrespective of whether or not you want to practise as a mediator afterwards!

Mass Ndow-Ndije,  Government Legal Department


"The course was better than I expected, the tutors were all fantastic. They taught us from beginner’s level and explained everything in an easy-to-understand way, which meant I didn’t feel like I was thrown in the deep end when I started mediating the case studies."

Ravinder Pooni - Team Leader at The Insolvency Service 

Ravinder Pooni - Project Support Officer - UK Home Office ...

"An inspiring week of hard work, learning from superb, experienced and enthusiastic professionals in a friendly relaxed environment."

Dr Francis Graydon, Barrister