Preliminary Announcement

Introducing - the Festival of Listening 27 April to 2 May 2025

We are excited to give preliminary notice of this major event to be held in Corfu featuring the finest mediation and listening minds on the planet.  To be formally announced in September, it is expected to have 

*  five three hour sessions on deep listening skills, techniques, and conflict resolution (led by  leading international speakers and practitioners

*  five three hour sessions as an Introduction to Family Mediation led by Stuart Hanson - a leading FM practitioner, Family Justice, and College of Mediators member

*  two three hour fluency and development CPD sessions giving practitioners their annual need

*  two recorded discourses on mediation by world renowned experts followed by discussions and debat

*  a two-hour mediation demonstration led by experts with actors providing a qualifying observation

*  fully catered networking sessions

The Festival is planned to be hosted with the Society's friends at Corfu Buddha Hall which is an astonishing venue with almost guaranteed sunshine and warm seas near Arillas Corfu  It is truly a great place for learning. 

It should be wonderful - mediators, those interested in deep listening, and those who need an intellectual and fascinating retreat, come alone or bring a friend, get CPD, refresh skills with all new scripts and ideas or chill with family. 

This will be limited to 30 people, so register now with Helen at  - it will be really worthwhile and a great break.   Provisionally the fees will be £750 including breakfast and lunch.  What’s not to like?